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      Hello! I’m Kassaundra. First and foremost, I am a creator. I'm a professional herbalist, aspiring artist, and seeker of depths. Here is a little glimpse into my life, if you find yourself curious.


      I grew up running around the luscious Pacific Northwest, exploring the fern-covered mountains, fungus-claimed coast, and juniper-scented desert. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all had enormous gardens I would frequently get lost in. Being consistently surrounded by both wild and cultivated plants as a child is is where my appreciation for Nature's gifts began. 


      Curiosity of life's secrets has led me down a path of diving deep into intuitive, spiritual, and scientific practices of healing. From leaving the allopathic world I grew up in, to studying the doshas of Ayruveda and the energetics of Western Herbalism, I have gained a foundational understanding of how to incorporate a holistic approach into my work. The journey that calls me is exploring my ancestral wisdom of deepening relationship with nature and the wildness within. 

      My purpose here is to shed light on the spiritual and scientific ideas on how reconnecting with Nature through wild nourishment, embodied artwork, and inner explorations are foundational to holistic wellness. And empower others in their own journey. 

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Portland, OR

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