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Rooted Remedies

is a wild-harvested apothecary based in Portland, Oregon. 

Our intention is to help you reclaim a sense of empowerment in your health and wellbeing by reconnecting with the natural environment, through holistic herbal supplements.

•Upcoming Class•

Self Care Series • Infused Oils & Salves
Jun 13, 12:00 PM
Blackthorn Mercantile
Make a potent infused oil and turn it into a salve!

To provide the highest quality products, we harvest 50% of the herbs using a sustainable and ethical approach. The other 50% are outsourced from local farms with similar values in caring for the environment and doing our part to minimize our impact.
Ethically wild-crafted and organically grown botanicals are hand-picked at peak season for the freshest in 100% pure, toxin-free self care and wellness products. 


To target more specific needs, we offer wellness bundles that include a tincture, tea, and aroma roller