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Saint Johns Wort Extract

Saint Johns Wort Extract

This wonderful herb almost needs no introduction. Saint John's wort, Hypericum perforatum has been used reliably as a natural remedy for thousands of years and is associated with the healing power of the sun, and with the sacred. This really couldn’t be a more natural psychological association to make for this plant. Whenever I see it glowing in the sun in a wild place, or smell its familiar aroma, or even just think about it, I can’t help but go to a place of brightness in my mind. I remember the herbalist, Howie Brounstein, musing that St. John’s wort is like sunlight incarnate; it grows best in full sun, its yellow flowers radiate like the sun, and its effects are to brighten one’s spirit, just like the sun. The herb's traditional use as an antidepressant speaks to this. 


We harvest St. John's Wort's fresh flowers and leaves annually, right around St. John's Day, June 24th, when it's in full bloom, and the potency of the plant is believed to be at its height. We wilt the flowers for about a day, in order to evaporate some of the moisture and effectively concentrate the extractable constituents. Then, we separate the stems, and use only the potent leaves and flowers for the tincture. 


Once the herb is in the alcohol, I make a practice of refrigerating the tincture in order to keep the light levels to a minimum (hypericin and hyperforin, the most active constituents, are sensitive to sunlight) and the risk of damage through heat almost nil. 


The quality of this extract speaks for itself in the wonderful tones of flavor and smell, and its rich red coloration (caused by the active constituents). 


This extract, like all OsoMoya extracts, is handled and processed with extreme care and thoughtfulness at all times. It is made with certified organic alcohol derived from sugarcane, and wild Oregon spring water. Wild plants were harvested ethically and sustainably to ensure that the stand is not diminished or altered in any unnatural way, and only the best materials were selected to be tinctured. Always kept far from harmful chemicals, toxins, and BPA. The extracts are hand-pressed using organic muslin fabric, stored in glass containers, and bottled to order. Available in 2 or 4-ounce amber glass dropper bottles. Contains 45% organic cane alcohol by volume, and wild Oregon spring water. 

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