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A River in France

Herbalism has been used for the entirety of human existence as a means to support our health and wellbeing, both in a preventative and an acute way. Still today, the majority of the world relies on herbalism as their main source of healthcare. I specialize in mind/body/spirit connection, with a focus on nervous system support and gut health. What does that mean? Well, I approach herbalism from a vitalist, holistic way - meaning that working with herbs is just one of the legs in support your health and wellness. Others legs can include: sleep, diet/nutrition, exercise, spirituality, hydration, and time spent outside. All of these factor into your overall vitality. Working with me 1:1 means diving into all of these areas, as well as working with herbal remedies, with an emphasis on supporting your nervous system and digestion.

Are you interested in learning how to take the steps to feel empowered in your own health and wellbeing?

Sign up for our free 30 min. to see if this style of herbalism approach to wellness is what you're looking for.

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