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Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Flower essences are very special botanicl medicine that supports the emotional body. We are innately emotional beings, and that's a good thing! Flower essences can offer support with the unique experiences we have as humans. 


Pink Yarrow: A premier essence for boundary support especially for empaths and people in the caring fields. 


Comfrey: A fantastic essence for traumatic experience, physical injury, and grief.


Borage: A grief balm that allows you to fave a new reality, not mask it. 


Pulsatilla: The middle way, the balance of boundaries, moving above and below. Stuck emotions are are met and gently shaken.


Violet: Supports the highly atuned and sensitive beings.


Sunflower: Allow the sun of your unique self to shine, with an upright integrity, posture, and confidence.


Rose Bud: Supports the recognition of what needs to be released, emotionally, creatively, and conversationally.


Lilac: Stirs memories of childlike wonder, allowing more flexibility, creativity, and play in life.


Hellebore: Illuminates the ground below your feet, reminding you of your steadiness and connection to the earth.


Rose: Supports fluidity and movement even amongst life's most challenging moments.


Wood Betony: A calming, grounding force when energy tends to live disembodied or within higher chakras.


Pink Flowering Dogwood: Physical and mental strength


Bleeding Heart: Mending a broken heart, allowing the space to honor grief with surrender, contraction, and expansion. 


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