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About Rooted Remedies

Rooted Remedies is built on the premise that science and tradition are complimentary and they each have a time and place. Herbalism has been used for the entirety of human existence as a means to support our health and wellbeing, both in a preventative and an acute way. Still today, the majority of the world relies on herbalism as their main source of healthcare.

Being based out of the US, we have seen how disconnected this society is from these traditional ways of keeping ourselves vital. At Rooted Remedies, it is our goal to help our community reclaim your autonomy and empowerment when it comes to your health and wellbeing. From our individual bodies to the the ecosystem that surrounds us, we make it our priority to provide support however we can. 

grounded Cottonwood Buds found after a storm

From freshly dried herbs that we source from local farms, to harvesting wild plants at peak season, all of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. We believe that plant medicine is precious and not to be wasted. We carefully formulate each product for potency, longevity, and pleasure, so you are receiving the most balanced remedy possible. 

The structure of Rooted Remedies reflects our values as participants on this Earth. We make a point to source from other companies that also make it a priority to leave a minimal footprint, give back to their communities, and actively engage in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. You can find the list of our suppliers, here. 

Some of our practices include using only recycled and biodegradable shipping materials, business cards, tea bags, and thank you cards. All of our containers are glass or tin, and reusable. We utilize high quality cotton bags for our bundles that can be reused and repurposed. Even our market set-up is composed entirely of secondhand materials, most of which were gifted to us. 

Beyond our materials, we take great care in where and how we wild-harvest. We only work with plants that have a healthy population and are not on United Plant Saver's watch list. The plants we are able to wild-harvest, we do so in a regenerative way, making sure the patches we take from continue to flourish as we tend to them throughout the year. The plants that we are not able to wild-harvest, either due to their availability or their population status, we source from organic-practicing, local farms. 

We have also recently been experimenting with zero waste formulas to reduce our waste even farther. These products are created with the leftover mash from other remedies that still have plenty to offer in terms of nutrients and nourishment. 

The organizations we donate to are carefully chosen to also reflect these values. They all are doing very important work protecting the environment, vulnerable members of communities, and taking steps towards a healthier future. 

spend time in nature

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