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"Spending time and connecting with the plants always helps me come back to myself, my body, my true north. 

Spend time with your plants, in whatever way that means for you."

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People usually ask, “How long have you been working with herbs?” And

the truth is, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t engaging with plants.

From making potions in the backyard as a kid, spending weekends in

the kitchen with my grandma and the garden with my grandpa, to intentionally learning about herbalism as a young adult – plants and the natural world have always played a major part in my life. 

My approach to working with herbs is a holistic one and mirrors my own experiences. As a child, I was prone to all sorts of health issues – allergies, chronic ear infections, inflamed GI, gluten intolerance, hyper-sensitivity to physical pain/sensations (the doctors called it, “pain-intolerance”), stress/anxiety, and depression. Like most Americans, I grew up taking pharmaceuticals to stave off my various symptoms. And like most Americans, my health issues were never actually resolved, just worsened over time. When I was a young adult, I learned about the benefits of herbs, the foods we eat, and different lifestyles that supported balanced wellness. This changed my entire perspective on what it means to be healthy and how to work with imbalances within the mind, body, and spirit. Learning about herbs shifted my approach from a reductionist to a holistic one - both allopathic medicine and herbal medicine have a time and place, and both can compliment each other. 

In 2016, my first ‘official’ herbal education was the 2 year clinical herbalist program at Vital Ways in Portland Oregon. Working closely with Chris Smaka, Hanna Jordan, and Paul Bergner changed my outlook on what it meant to live holistically. During this time, I also took classes with Scott Kloos, diving more into the meditational/psycho-spiritual work with herbs. I have since taken classes at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Herbal Medics Academy, as well as continue self-study.

Other than being out in nature with the plants, getting my "dirt time" in, I most enjoy creating herbal formulations for my community and working with people one on one to support them in their healing journey. 

I recently interviewed with HerbRally for their Herbalist Hour series. We talk about the apothecary as well as my own journey with herbalism.

You can check that out, here

I am not a doctor. I am an educator and herbalist. It is my goal and intention to educate, support, and empower you in this journey of reconnecting with yourself and reclaiming your health from a holistic approach.

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