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The Red Button

The Red Button

Squeeze the dropper and deploy The Red Button whenever you feel the need for The Ultimate Herbal Allies of Immunity—an all-star list of powerhouse herbs known to have your back (and respiratory passages) when under possible attack.


The Red Button is a complex, synergistic formula built which uses an elegant technique of building upon modular herbal units which balance and optimize potency. Drawing inspiration from Chinese formulation techniques and Vitalist traditional blends, each ingredient of this formula has been thoughtfully selected for its dove-tailing contribution to bring you strong support during even the most difficult immune system challenges.


There’s a reason the Elder tree was given its namesake—for it is a wise ally in holding one’s own space. In mythology, Elder was known as a protector and would be planted in the yard around one’s home in order to ward off hostile forces. Its dark purple berries are a gentle, yet mighty champion of healthy immune balance known around the world.

Echinacea, like elderberry, is included in the world-famous ring of powerful herbs supporting immunity. Able to leap to action in an instant, echinacea starts with a mouth tingle and spreads quickly to become a body-wide forcefield-friend.


Marshmallow root balances its fiery compatriots in the blend with a cooling, moistening layer that calms raw, aggravated membranes from nose to nethers.


Lomatium is a lesser-known herb, new to the immune system club. Its focus is on lungs, which isn’t hard to imagine since it carries the scent of strong volatile oils. It is in the celery/parsley family (Apiaceae) along with the Osha in this herbal formula. Osha is the master ‘throat-guardsperson’—it only takes a little bit to add oomph in every dropper dose.


Horseradish is another hot and aromatic root, a pungently powerful root also found in the traditional recipe for fire cider.


Licorice root adds a touch of sweet (although not the candy licorice taste) to the herbal formula. Along with marshmallow root, licorice adds moistening and coating qualities for a soothing balm. With long traditional use in Asia, Europe and North Africa, licorice root is known for soothing and easing minor agitation in the respiratory tract as well.

May the mighty, dynamic crew of The Red Button give you the backbone of support that your body needs to navigate toward immune system health.


Consult with your doctor or other health care practitioner before using this product.

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