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Seasoning Salts
  • Seasoning Salts

    1oz jar


    Seasoning salts are an excellent way to slowly incorporate herbs into your daily life. All of our salts are made with Jacobsen Pure Sea Salt from Netarts Bay, OR and are "Zero-Waste" product, helping to reduce our waste while utilizing the all of the plant harvested. 


    Suggested Use

    Sprinkle on your food to add some extra zing and flavor!


    Fire Cider has a tangy spice to it. My favorite way to use it, is on everything - popcorn, roasted veggies, eggs, avocado toast

    Elderberry is a sweet, salty combination and is lovely on deserts

    Spring Tonic is a mineral rich blend, infused with the taste of Spring

    Aromatic Woods has a slightly sweet, slightly mesquite taste.

    Blueberry Mint is a sweet, salty combination. Sprinkle on your icecream, pastries, or dip the rim of a glass for a tasty mocktail/cocktail

    Rosehip Salal has the perfect balance of tart and salty, and is high in vit. C


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