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Chamomile & Vanille Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating is AWESOME. Created in the spirit of ‘spring cleaning’; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually sloughing off the old staleness of winter/last year/the shitty bunch of couple years feels renewing- like a snake shedding it’s old skin.

For a Scrub: Add just enough oil of your choice to moisten the sugar and create a paste. If you have dry skin, add more. Good oils could be almond, olive, fractionated coconut, or avocado...use what you have or what sounds best to you! Avoid safflower, canola, soy, ‘vegetable oil’ blends- as they are highly processed. Enough for 2-4 scrubs.


Directions: add the oil, then get in the shower totally dry (and ideally set a shower-cleaning brush and some soap outside the shower to clean up afterward). Grab some prepared sugar paste, start at your feet and scrub in circular motions until your skin turns a little flushed (I scrub until it just barely starts to feel like too much), and then move upward and repeat. Finish your legs, then do the same with your arms, starting with your hands. After that, get your butt, shoulders, sides, belly, throat and upper chest, then finally work closer towards your heart and finish there. Rinse with warm water only (no soaps and don’t shave immediately after you scrub), and for the love of all the Gods be careful because your tub is oiled and slick! This is why I put the cleaning stuff right outside the shower. Your skin might feel pretty oily in the shower, but after you lightly pat dry (don’t rub) and wait a few minutes, it's gonna be total silk.


Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, chamomile, calendula petals, essential oi blend, Organic whole vanilla bean.

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