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Black Magic Liquid Soap

Black Magic Liquid Soap

Featured in the Dirtbag Adventuretime Kit, Black Magick does it all from greasy hands after wrenching on the road to temperamental combo-skin. You can also use it as a body wash and even a shampoo in a pinch (maybe not for ultra-blonde hair although I’ve used it in my vivid-colored hair with no ill effect), cutting down on the extra junk you need to pack on a trip. Just a little dab’ll do ya.


Black Magick is powered by charcoal and also features bentonite clay, which is harvested in the USA from volcanic ash deposits. When water is added it swells rapidly and its molecular structure changes, producing an electrical charge. After all that sorcery, castor oil in a castile soap base gently but thoroughly cleans your skin without drying it out. A touch of essential oils crushes nasty bacteria that try to start trouble on your face.


For best results, dampen your face slightly before applying appx 1tsp. Lather and let sit on face up to 1min before rinsing. Try to avoid contact with fabric as the charcoal can stain. Gentle enough for daily use, even better when used after True Grit powder scrub and followed with Saké-Rose Toner.

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