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Image by Elliott B

Language of Plants

The natural world is constantly communicating with us. Instead of using verbal language to speak, plants tap into energetic frequencies, images, music, emotions, smells, and thoughts.

Have you ever been sitting under a tree and felt inexplicably supported and held? Or maybe it was while you were gardening and caught a whiff of something sweet and suddenly begin to hum a seemingly novel tune. Last summer I was exploring a new trail with a friend. I was filled with excitement, awe, and ease at the beauty around me. Out of nowhere, I felt a strong sense of caution and stern protectiveness.

I slowed my pace and noticed we were surrounded by Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) the protector of the forest. Devil’s Club was slowing reclaiming the human-made trail my friend and I were on. I stopped, put my hand on my heart and intentionally connected for a moment. With my inhale, I breathed in the essence of this magnificent plant. On my exhale, I breathed out a deep sense of gratitude.

On the way back out, we found a different route, respecting the duty of Oplopanax to protect the natural world.

These are the moments in which the plants and natural world are communicating with us. If we practice stillness, or just slow down a bit, we can hear what the Earth has to say.

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