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Image by Alexey Melechin
Waters of Venus Fragrance Potion

Waters of Venus Fragrance Potion

This new floral mist is an absolutely intoxicating fragrance that just drips with sensual Spring flower energy. It took a full year to assemble all the flowers for this creation.

Every flower essence, infusion, and essential oil in this potion has a planetary correspondence with Venus, ruler of pleasure, attraction, beauty, luxuries, and love.


They all also have correspondences with the feminine, and water or earth. This potion not only smells fucking divine, it carries the intelligence, spirit, and qualities of each flower contained within- daphne, magnolias, quince, lilac, rose, passionflower, jasmine, and ylang ylang. Use as a room spray, as a linen/clothes/pillow spritzer, or use directly on yourself for a unaplogetically sweet fragrance.


Aroma profile: 100% sweet florals


For external use only.

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