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Turkey Tail Double Extraction

Turkey Tail Double Extraction

Medicinal mushrooms have been used as very important tonic medicines for centuries in Asian healing modalities. Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) has been the focus a much research over the last decades as a very effective tool in fighting certain types of cancer. (See the TED Talk by mushroom guru, Paul Stamets.)


We crafted a Turkey Tail Mushroom extract to be proud of. This is a double extract, which combines the benefits of an alcohol extract (tincture), and a hot water extract (decoction). Both of these methods pull out valuable constituents from the mushrooms, which many believe have life-enhancing and healing properties, not letting any part of the mushroom go to waste.


We source our mushrooms from the wild in only the most pristine locations in Western Oregon. 


Contains wild Trametes versicolor mushrooms, wild Oregon spring water, and 35% organic alcohol derived from sugar cane.


This extract, like all OsoMoya extracts, is handled and processed with extreme care and thoughtfulness throughout the double extraction process. It is made with certified organic alcohol derived from sugarcane, and wild Oregon spring water. The wildharvested mushrooms were harvested ethically and sustainably to ensure that the stand is not diminished or altered in any unnatural way, and only the best material was selected to be tinctured. Always kept far from harmful chemicals, toxins, and BPA. Contains 30% organic cane alcohol by volume.

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