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Image by Alexey Melechin
Spring Fling Fragrance Potion

Spring Fling Fragrance Potion

This is a potion to guide us to a place of childlike joy and wonder, a time when our hearts are open and soft, and all things are possible, magical, and adventurous- it invokes a wondrous Spring walk in the forest with woodland sprites. Cherry blossom and clear quartz essence blended with essential oils that support the physical and emotional heart. Use as a room spray, as a linen/clothes/pillow spritzer, or use directly on yourself for a subtle and lovely fragrance.


Aroma profile: fresh doug fir aroma with a top note bouquet of bright lemony florals like bergamot and clary sage along with just a tiny hint of sweet but piquant florals like rose geranium.


For external use only.

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