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Mouth Joy

Mouth Joy

Aromatic and tinglingly refreshing along with deep tones of myrrh and propolis, Mouth Joy is expertly blended into a pleasing harmony of taste enjoyed by those with sensitive palettes while delivering a refined synergy of traditional herbal allies for robust mouth health.


This mouthwash tincture/concentrate is your best friend for your daily mouth care regimen. Just squirt a dropperful into an ounce of water and swish around in your mouth after brushing. Because you add the water, our ecologically-sound, compact tincture bottle is ready for travel and is much smaller than bulky, pre-mixed plastic mouthwash bottles. Tingly, aromatic and refreshing, along with the deep tones of potent resins…this formula crafts a refined synergy of powerful herbs into a pleasing harmony of taste, good day after day. Nothing like some other harsh-tasting mouthwashes with overpowering menthol-containing mints or startlingly strong herb oils—Mouth Joy is smooth on the palette while delivering a potent dose of traditional oral health herbs.


These herbs have been hand-selected to bring the joy to this formula:

A special variety of mint, Turkish ‘Nane’ (nah-nay) is milder and blends more evenly than our sharply menthol-tasting American peppermints. ‘Nane’ is used ubiquitously in Turkish cuisine—found in spices for meats, sprinkled on yogurt soup, and even in a regional sweet custard, which uses a ‘nane’-flavored chewing gum. We decided to include this unique mint flavor when blending Mouth Joy, and we traveled to the fields along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey ourselves in order to forge relationships with traditional farmers to procure a clean, equitable source of ‘nane’ for this formula.

The tingle of Echinacea lets you know that you’ve swished it into all the nooks and crannies around the gum lines. After rinsing, you’re left with a gentle zing that leaves the mouth feeling like a clean slate of healthy teeth and gums.


A famous tree resin from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Myrrh is an effective herbal guardian used for millennia in traditional herbalism for daily support of teeth and gums.

Propolis is a special bee product, which the bees make from the raw ingredients of flowers and trees. Propolis is wonderfully fragrant—with an intoxicating aroma of early-spring poplar buds and other tree resins. Propolis is another famous resin like myrrh, especially known in mouth formulas. The propolis in Mouth Joy was harvested from beehives tended in the pristine Torus Mountains of Turkey.


Oregon grape root has a famous constituent which it shares with goldenseal—the bright yellow berberine, as potent as it is bright! The root to leaf ratio in this formula has been thoughtfully researched to deliver full synergistic effects for your mouth health.

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