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Heart Connection Tincture

Heart Connection Tincture



Both Hawthorn and Rose are plants with beautifully aromatic blossoms that are protected by fierce thorns. Thorns offer us the opportunity to notice how fierceness and kindness can exist together. They remind us how to set healthy boundaries without closing ourselves off to vulnerability. Hawthorn is also known as the herb of the heart can be worked with long term to support the cardiovascular system.


Hawthorn is rich in antioxidants and nourishing flavonoids 

Tulsi is an adaptogen and general tonic

Rose calms the nerves and lifts the spirit

Saint Johns Wort is strongly associated with the sun, bringing light to dark situations

Mimosa lifts the spirit and softens the heart


Suggested Use

.5-1 dropper when you need an emotional/energetic boost, feel sluggish, or are working through emotions such as grief and anger to support your heart. Use as needed.

*this is NOT a substitute for seeing a mental health practitioner



cane alcohol*, coconut sourced glycerin*, water, hawthorn^, tulsi*, roses^, licorice*, yarrow^, saint john's wort^, mimosa^


organic*      ethically wild-harvested^ 

**All herbs were sourced within 300 miles of Eugene, OR



If you are taking any pharmaceutical medications, check for possible adverse interactions. 

Clinical studies show that saint john's wort increases the liver's ability to break down certain medications, reducing their effectiveness. Some medications in question include HIV medications and drugs that reduce the rejection of organ transplants. If you are taking any pharmaceutical medications, check for possible adverse interactions. 


all ingredients are non-toxic, and processed without toxic chemicals. however, if irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult your doctor. oils are for external use only. avoid eye contact. these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. all rooted remedies products should be patch tested before use.


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