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Dirtbag Lite Kit

Dirtbag Lite Kit

For dirtbags who play it fast and loose…just the essentials for packing light and keeping it simple. Glass bottles are sturdy and durable, tested to hold up to the abuse and rattling of all sorts of 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled adventures. Ships in a bitchin’ black box, gift-ready for your favorite dirtbag (including yourself). All individual products include directions for use and ingredients.


  • Foot Unfunk (spray to stave off foot funk/jock itch)

  • Skeeto Delete-o (spray for minor wounds, burns, bites, rashes…doubles as mosquito repellent)

  • Hot Mess Express Sore Muscle Salve (this salve is lyfe when your shit is busted)

  • Snake Oil (botanically infused oil for dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands, dry tangled hair, parched beards, lube (not with latex), thirsty leathers, dusty boots)

  • Murder Juice (hand sanitizer so you can smash those corn dogs and Doritos with confidence, degrease hands, and get resins + saps gone)

  • Small lightweight canvas bag is washable and has just enough extra space to fit a toothbrush…or an extra knife.


    NOTE: some products include ingredients that are not for use during pregnancy.

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