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Dirtbag Deluxe Adventure Kit

Dirtbag Deluxe Adventure Kit

For dirtbags who don’t play fuckaround. Includes everything in the Dirtbag Lite Kit plus 3 badass products and a super-fabulous larger + more durable travel bag so you can fit the rest of your toiletry treasures and/or an extra flask in it. The extra products in this kit are some of my bestsellers and personal favorites that I use daily. Glass bottles are sturdy and durable, tested to hold up to the abuse and rattling of all sorts of 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled adventures. Ships in a bitchin’ black box, gift-ready for your favorite dirtbag (including yourself). All individual products include directions for use and ingredients.


  • Foot Unfunk (spray to stave off foot funk/jock itch)

  • Skeeto Delete-o (spray for minor wounds, burns, bites, rashes…doubles as mosquito repellent)

  • Hot Mess Express Sore Muscle Salve (this salve is life when your shit is busted)

  • Snake Oil (botanically infused oil for dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands, dry tangled hair, parched beards, lube (not with latex), thirsty leathers, dusty boots)

  • Murder Juice (hand sanitizer so you can eat those corn dogs and Doritos with confidence, degrease hands, and get resins + saps gone)


  • True Grit (face + hand + body scrub powder that’s delicate enough for daily facial use and tough enough to blast some serious road grime off your hands)

  • Black Magic (kick-ass liquid soap with clay, charcoal, and castor oil- best when mixed with True Grit or used immediately afterwards)


  • Liquid Drip (smell-good spritzer, your choice of botanical fragrance)

    ~Cedarwood Spice: woodsy + rooty earthiness with a dash of spice

    ~Comin’ up Roses: real rose + rose + more rose…’nuff said

    ~Summer Daze: sweetgrass + musk for the smell of warm summer fields

    ~Spring Fling: citrusy, crisp fresh green top notes + a lil floral undertone


  • PLUS

Large deluxe poly-blend travel bag with heavy duty double-puller zipper and waterproof liner.


NOTE: some products include ingredients that are not for use during pregnancy.

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