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Chaga Mushroom Double Extract

Chaga Mushroom Double Extract

Chaga has been used in traditional Siberian medicine for centuries as a healthful tonic. Studies have shown that it has one of the highest ORAC (anti-oxidant) scores of all known foods, making it an amazingly strong anti-aging and general maintenance tonic. There are no known contraindications, and very few, if any, recorded negative effects from taking even very high doses of chaga. As an added benefit, it's a fungus, so many believe that its beta-glucans and polysaccharides are also immunostimulatory, based on the hormetic principle.


This is a high quality, homemade and hand-pressed Chaga mushroom double extract. I don't cut any corners on making this the best extract on the market.  Our process releases many of the polysaccharides that the regular tincturing process doesn't. 


Contains wild and certified organic Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), wild Oregon spring water, 30% organic alcohol derived from sugar cane.


This extract, like all OsoMoya extracts, is handled and processed with extreme care and thoughtfulness throughout the double extraction process. It is made with certified organic alcohol derived from sugarcane, and wild Oregon spring water. The mushrooms were grown on certified organic land and were harvested ethically and sustainably to ensure that the stand is not diminished or altered in any unnatural way, and only the best material was selected to be tinctured. Always kept far from harmful chemicals, toxins, and BPA. Contains 30% organic cane alcohol by volume.

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