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Image by Elliott B

Working with Plant Energy

I recently discovered this little grove of ‘wild’ lilac trees in my neighborhood. Wild because they are not in anyone’s yard. They have a decent size strip of land they share with a few pine trees and nothing more, tucked back where not many people wander. I’ve been cultivating a relationship with them on my morning walks with my pup, stopping to breathe them in, breathe out gratitude for them, then continuing on our way.


One of the first images that popped into my head this morning was the grove of lilacs. Throughout my morning routine of making tea, breathwork, and washing my face and teeth, they were persistent. Beckoning me to come visit them. So we did.


When it came time to coax Dax, my pup, out of bed, I had gathered a small basket and my pruners. We reached the grove and sat with the trees for a bit longer than previous visits. This time, I had a strong sense that the Lilac wanted to offer their medicine by coming home with me.


I’m writing this while sitting next to the lilacs that wanted to come with me. Every time I look over or breathe in the fragrance, I’m filled with a warm joy, sweet memories of secret gardens and, abundance. I also experience of wave of focus, clarity, creativity, and tenderness. A reminder to be gentle with myself, and others, and to soften expectations.


There are so many ways to work with and connect with plant medicine. Most commonly, we usually think of making them into tinctures, oils, salves, or tea. Sometimes, the medicine most needed is to simply connect with the plant’s energy. This can be done by sitting with them, inhaling their scent, gazing at their beauty, or just by listening to the messages they are sending you.

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