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What does it mean to work with Water?

Working with water element. All ways herbal botanical remedies handmade in portland, or. Finding balance through working with the elements.

Connecting with Water

What better time to connect with water than during the fire season, as smoke fills the air?

What does it mean to connect with the element water? When we connect with water, it encompasses so much more than the physical water. Water governs our emotions, our body’s hydrations, and our relationships.

When was the last time you checked in with your heart? How are you feeling? The world is going through a viral pandemic, the PNW is on fire, the us government is failing to provide adequate relief in this time of immense upheaval. Collectively, we are going through a major shift, as well as individually. However that is showing up in your life, when was the last time you checked in with your emotional state?

Have you allowed yourself to grieve? Be angry? Feel lost? Be joyous? Have hope?

One way to connect with the elemental waters is to connect with your emotional wellbeing and making sure you are taking care of yourself. Maybe you just need to sob until there’s no more tears. Or perhaps a cathartic yell/howl/scream is your choice of release. Whatever it may be, acknowledging and releasing emotions is imperative to your health. When emotions are ignored, stamped down, or neglected, they can manifest as physical ailments in the body.

Are you hydrating yourself? Hydration is not only our water intake, but also our oils intake. Are you eating plenty of good oils/fats to keep your body hydrated and lubricated? How much water are drinking per day? Are you taking into account that in times of stress, our bodies tend to need more water to stay hydrated?

How about the quality and source of the water you are drinking? Not all water is equal. Empty water won’t do a whole lot for you. In my opinion, the best water is from a spring. You can also use a filter on your faucet. If you are drinking water that is mineral and nutrient deficient, make sure you are replacing those with a quality trace mineral supplement.

And finally, how are your relationships? Your community? Water teaches us how to be in the flow of community and to build healthy relationships with others and ourselves. A single drop of water is fragile and dissipates rather quickly, but a pool of drops becomes a pond, becomes a lake, becomes an ocean. Take time to nurture relationships with your loved ones, including yourself.

Here are some practical ways to bring water into balance within your life:

-Add trace minerals to a glass of water a day

-Create space for those uncomfortable feelings that are all to often tucked away and turn into monsters

-Give yourself an oil massage with quality, deliciously scented oil (preferably locally sourced)

-Put on some groovy music and dance

-Take a bath

-Connect with a friend, maybe one you haven’t talked to in awhile

-Visit a spring and gather water

-Sip on a cold infusion using demulcent herbs

-Treat yourself to a facial steam

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