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Image by Elliott B

Urtica Dioica

Stinging Nettles are the essence of a Spring Green. Their bright and refreshing flavor seeps out into the air around them, letting your nose get a taste before your mouth gets to. Their little silica hairs are a not-so-gentle reminder to wake up after a long, sleepy winter, especially when you’re not expecting it. One of my favorite things is walking through the forest, suddenly smelling the fresh Spring-scent of Nettles and realizing I’m surrounded by them.

One of the many things that was passed down to me from teachers of mine was in creating relationship with the plant world, especially the ones that want to work a little more deeply with and through me. One of the ways I like to relate to Nettle is to wait for her ‘sting’ on my third eye before I start to harvest. An invitation to begin. ⠀

Nettles are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, even protein - making them a delicious necessity for most peoples’ diet. They can be taken long term and often yield the best results that way. Their affinity is with our nails, hair, lungs, and connective tissues and have a long history of being used for aiding circulation, restoring communication between nerves, & reducing moist inflammation in joints (ex. gout, arthritis, allergies).

Regularly drinking Nettle tea or eating the freshly cooked leaves support your lungs, hair, nails, & connective tissues. Because Nettles are so rich in minerals & vitamins, it is highly recommended to consistently drink prepared tea during all phases of pregnancy to support a growing fetus. And it is safe for all ages!

I have seen quite a few people already post photos of their Nettle harvests – a sure sign Spring has finally graced us with her presence.

They like to grow in deep, rich, & damp soils in dense patches of 3-7 foot plants. As always, please practice mindful, ethical harvesting. With Nettles, they like to be cut, not ripped or plucked, right above a node – where the leaves emerge. ⠀

~Products that have Stinging Nettle~

•Dandelion-Orange Bitters

•Restorative Tea {Seasonal}

•Spring Smudge Blend {Seasonal}

•Muscle Salve

•Elderberry Syrup {Seasonal}

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1 Comment

Joe Keever
Joe Keever
Apr 14, 2021

I was unaware that Nettles had such a plethora of Goodness jam-packed inside! I’ll now be more mindful and consume daily! Thanks Kass 🙂

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