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True Value

We live in a society that has favored instant gratification and mass production for quite some time. Shortly after the pandemic started, a shift started happening. More people were supporting small businesses - which is great!

Being a small business owner, something I have noticed is that the mind set for mass production prices and instant gratification hasn’t caught up with people’s intention to shop small, especially with self care and wellness products. After receiving many comments about our prices, I wanted to give a break down of our costs.

All of our products are used with high quality, organic (when possible), and local (when possible) ingredients. We do our due diligence in searching out suppliers that have ethical and eco-friendly business practices - most of them are local to the PNW. All of our wildcrafted herbs are hand picked, by me, with respect to the plant and thought to the peak of each’s plant’s season. Each formula has been uniquely created by me, with the help of 10 years of herbal study and experience. They are all formulated to be a pleasant experience and with the idea that a little goes a long way. The last thing we want is for the remedies to collect dust because they’re a chore to use. We also don’t believe in watering down a formula so you go through it faster.

In addition to the ingredients we use, we are thoughtful in our packaging as well. All of our labels and tea bags are compostable; bottles are reusable; paper products, such as pamphlets, are 100% recycled paper.

Unfortunately, using high quality, eco-friendly materials and supplies does tend to be more expensive than not. But just as we do our due diligence in leaving the forest better than we found it and practicing regenerative harvesting when possible, we are also trying to do our part in leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. It is also our intention to make our products as affordable as possible, considering all of the factors that go into creating them.

As always, all of your support has been tremendous, and we could not have grown in the way we have without you. Thank you for choosing to keep our hands busy and our hearts full.

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