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Honoring the Divinity of Fire

Fire rules our passion, intuition, transformation, movement, and circulatory system. When surrounded by physical fire, how do we continue working with it and leaning in instead of only reaching for the hose to extinguish it?

Fire teaches us the power of passion. When there is a spark, it can easily grow and spread like a wildfire if no structure is put in place to guide it. On the other hand, when left untended, the spark can flitter away as if it never existed in the first place. How are you tending to your own passions? Are you creating space to delve into a passion project for the sake it creating? Are you honoring your sexual and sensual self? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel safe to express your passions, creativity, and desires?

Fire is the driving force behind any sort of change and transformation. It is the only element that completely alters whatever it touches in a way that there is no going back to what was before. When we apply fire to our personal growth, it helps us clear away the old that is no longer serving us. Only after a clearing has occurred can new nourishment be welcomed in.

Fire loves to dance, flicker, and move, never remaining the same. How is your movement practice? Do you feel intentional about and connected to the way you move your body? When was the last time you went on a walk, a run, or pushed your body just a little bit out of your physical comfort zone? Consciously moving creates space for growth.

Fire represents the circulatory system. How is your heart and pulse? Does it feel strong, consistent, soft, shallow? Are your extremities prone to cold, or does heat radiate off every part of you? The heart is the circulatory pump, responsible for cycling nutrient rich blood to all the reaches of the body. The heart is also the seat of our emotions and is physically effected by our emotional and mental wellbeing. When was the last time you checked in with yours?

Here are some practical ways to connect with your inner fire and bring it into balance:

-Declutter. Sort through room or your entire house and donate what is simply just taking up space.

-Tune into your energetic container/field and clear away any energy that is not your own. Then make the intention of calling back all of your energy from the past and the future, filling your container of just you.

-Take stock of your morals, ethics, and values and reflect on relationships that are in violation of those.

-Get your creative tools out and create something, just for the fun of it!

-Move your body in a way that gets your heart pumping a little stronger

-Dress up in lingerie and have a fiery passionate evening

-Receive a massage, or give one to yourself (preferably with a warming herbal infused oil)

-If your prone to overheating (physically, mentally, emotionally), practice taking a deep breath to center yourself before acting

-Eat a bitter green salad for a meal, supporting the transformational qualities of your digestive system

-Acknowledge what is no longer serving you, your community, and the greater collective. Participate in the clearing away of those thoughts, patterns, ways of life with the intention and awareness of bringing in new, supportive, and nourishing changes.

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