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Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

One of my teachers always said, “Eat Your Herbs.” Dandelion is the perfect example for this. What is easier than walking out your backdoor & picking some tasty dandelion greens to add to your meal? This well-know plant is as resilient as they come. Despite being pulled up, mowed over, & being treating like a noxious weed, it comes back year-after-year, gracing us with its sunshine-yellow flowers & tonic medicine.

Dandelion is a gentle, yet powerful herb that is safe for all ages. It is not only a bitter tonic (to help little ones’ tummies digest & absorb more nutrients), it also supports the detoxifiers of the body (liver, gallbladder, & kidney). Because the skin is also an organ of elimination, when the liver & kidneys are able to function fully, different skin conditions caused by an overload of toxins tend to clear up a bit more easily.

Dandelions are rich in vitamin A, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, & antioxidants, & are a wonderful substitute, or addition to, any green-filled meal.

Tooth of the Lion

The flowers are also medicinal & can be thrown in your salad, made into fritters, or made into some tasty dandelion wine (for an adult bitter tonic), just to name a few. Topically, the flowers make a wonderful infused oil that can aid in the healing of skin conditions such as dry eczema, acnes, or even for sore muscles.

When dandelions are their grand appearance in the spring, its roots are full of minerals & nutrients, making it an excellent addition to soup stalks, tea, or even a sautée. As the season goes on, the roots tend to become more bitter, making them a potent medicine for the digestion, detoxification,

Note: Dandelions are generally safe for most people, but if you have active gallstones, are on diuretics, are pregnant, nursing or on medication, check with a health care provider before consuming internally.

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