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Changing With The Seasons

For a while now, I have felt scattered and directionless in my practice and in my business. I felt like I was grasping at air, trying to make sense of what it is I feel called to do. Six years ago, I created All Ways Herbals, a product line that paired herbal remedies and artwork with the chakra system. After a short while, it didn’t ‘take off’ like I had hoped it would. (I now know I also did practice a lot of patience with it or with myself).

Over the years, All Ways Herbals has taken on many different focuses. It eventually dropped the ‘s’ and started focusing on children’s remedies, which fizzled quickly. I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the name and decided to give it one more try, with the focus on holistic health consultations. That was last year. The changes it has taken just within this last year have been tremendous, and directionless.

The last couple months, I felt my energy going in too many directions, all under the name of All Ways Herbal. I was focusing a lot on energy healing, integrating shadow aspects, introspection, breaking down internal barriers, and questioning the validity of deeply held beliefs/patterns. While all of these things are still important to me, I was also not putting a lot of focus on the plants and the ways in which they want to work with us.

When I realized this, a major shift happened for me. Things came in to focus and I felt like I had a clear direction. The plants and all of the ways in which we can learn from them.

As a society, we have become so disconnected from Nature that we tend to expect ourselves to show up in the same way throughout the year. What does that mean? When we look at the seasons and the shifts that happen between each of them, we can observe the ebbs and flows of life. In Winter, much of life is conserving energy. There’s a noticeable slowness when compared to Spring and Summer. Many animals are hibernating because they innately know their digestive system is a bit slower in Winter, or they have migrated to warmer climates. Plants are no longer extending themselves to grow out, but rather bringing that energy down into their roots so that they can survive another year. Humans are running around, trying to buy the perfect gifts and eating rich foods in high quantities.

These sorts of observations can be made throughout the year. The only season we seem to somewhat still resonate with Summer. As a society, we have no problem being active, pushing ourselves to go further and be bigger. And then the expectation is that we ‘should’ show up that way year-round. When we don’t, or can’t, we tend to think there is something wrong with us.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you. You are just out of alignment and if you allow yourself to quiet just enough and listen, your body, mind, and spirit are trying to remind you the way of Nature and that you are not separate from that.

Rooted Remedies came out of this realization. We have innate wisdom within our bodies that want to show us the way back to connection. Rooted Remedies are created to help you support your body, mind, and spirit within the changes of the seasons. We could all use a little support from the plants around us.

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