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Being Spiritual

I tend to shy away from the tag lines used in the spiritual community. This is not because I don’t resonate with them, but because they feel over used and blown up, leaving behind an empty shell of a word that people grasp onto with all of their might. A deeper reason why I tend to shy away from these spiritual tag lines, is that they have been misused and abused in a way that takes advantage of people just trying to figure out their truth. I see spiritual teachers, leaders, gurus, and mentors use these words claiming they have all the answers - "Through me, you too can have access to the Truth/Divine/Spirit." I call bullshit.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the hesitancy to call myself a healer, for this very reason. I then when on to talk about how I’ve been receiving an immense amount of energy/information/knowledge coming through that needs to be shared. As I was telling her, I found myself stumbling over what to call this funnel of information coming through me, and ended up using “download.”

I have been part of 3 hierarchical spiritual communities, and this is a consistent theme. One teacher who has direct access to Divine, and it is only through them that you can also have access. These communities were flooded with all of the tag lines - healer, downloads, divine channel, etc.

I have been drawn to the spiritual realm my entire life, which is why I have already been part of 3 different structured communities. I was seeking answers for myself, and still am. But as I have walked down my path, I have come to remember that these answers we seek are inherently part of us. It is only when we seek them through an external source that they become muddled and can be used in a manipulative way.

As I was talking to my friend about my relationship to these tag lines, she reminded me that I get to decide what they mean to me. I get to reclaim them. Learning from history and other communities, I know this is not an easy path to take, but I think it’s important for the collective shift that is happening.

For me, being a healer means helping people remember that they are their own healer. I do not heal people, but rather I hold space for others as they dive into their own inner work and come to their own realizations. I tune into the natural world so that I may work with the medicine all around us and facilitate accessibility to that medicine. I believe we all have access to this knowledge and medicine. I believe that we are all on different parts of our paths in remembering the interconnectedness we are all a part of, with no point being better or worse than another.

We are not meant to do this alone and we all have something unique and powerful to offer each other.

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