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Holistic Wellness

Hello! I’m Kassaundra, founder of Rooted Remedies. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and ‘why’ behind what I do.

I grew up in the luscious Pacific Northwest and spent my family vacations exploring the fern-covered mountains, mushroom-claimed coast, and juniper-scented desert. Growing up with 4 siblings, all within 2 years of each other, made for a naturally chaotic environment that was usually in some sort of transition. There weren’t many moments of quietude or solace, unless intentionally created, which I did often. There was plenty of opportunities for learning how to speak up and make sure I was heard, which has had a tremendous impact on my adulthood.

People have asked, “How long have you been working with herbs?” And the truth is, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t engaging with herbs – from making potions in the backyard as a kid, to intentionally learning about herbalism at 18 – plants and the natural world have always played a major part in my life.

My approach to working with herbs is a holistic one and mirrors my own experiences. As a child, I was prone to all sorts of health issues – allergies, chronic ear infections, inflamed GI, gluten intolerance, sensitivity to physical pain (the doctors called it, “pain-intolerance”), stress/anxiety. Like most Americans, I grew up taking pharmaceuticals to stave off my various symptoms. And like most Americans, none of my health issues were actually resolved*. It wasn’t until I was a young adult that I learned about the benefits of herbs, the food we eat, and different lifestyles that supported balanced wellness.

My first ‘official’ herbal education was studying clinical herbalism at Vital Ways in Portland Oregon for 2 years in 2016, working closely with a number of highly knowledgeable and skilled herbalists. During this time, I also took classes with Scott Kloos, diving more into the meditational/psycho-spiritual work with herbs. I have since taken classes at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Herbal Medics Academy, as well as continue self-study.

Working with herbs in a mindful way is a foundational part of Rooted Remedies and the work we do. We practice ethical and sustainable wild-harvesting when available and source from highly regarded, local farms and apothecaries, such as Rise Up remedies and Wildish Botanicals, when wild-harvesting is not available.

It is our belief that personal wellness is foundational to healthy communities. The products created at Rooted Remedies are intentionally formulated to bring balance and support to the body, mind, and spirit.

I am an educator and herbal practitioner. It is my goal and intention to support and empower you in this journey of learning and reconnecting with yourself and your wellness. I am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist. I do not claim to heal, diagnose, treat, or cure anyone.