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The owner and founder of Rooted Remedies, Kassaundra Lynn

Welcome to Rooted Remedies.

We are a small batch apothecary based in the Pacific Northwest. Bridging science and tradition, each of our products are carefully formulated to help bring balance and vitality. We have a range of remedies including tinctures, seasonal drinking vinegars, whole plant aromatherapy, teas, and more. We also offer custom remedies and subscription CSA boxes.


Our goal is to help you reconnect with the nourishment found in nature through high quality herbal remedies, while easily integrating it into your daily life. 

monthly Community Supported Apothecary Box

Explore The PNW

Are you wanting to dip your toes a little farther into the ocean of herbalism? 


Sign up for our Wild Medicine CSA Boxes. Each month, you'll receive a box that focuses on one plant that is local to PNW. Each plant is wild-harvested by Kassaundra at peak season. In the box, you will get a 28 page, full color herbal booklet, which will include an introduction to the plant, materia medica, medicinal qualities, modern and traditional uses of the plant, history and folk lore, a recipe or two, prompts and spaces for note-taking, and ways to sustainably and ethically harvest. The box also includes a single extract tincture, oil infusion, 1oz of dry herb, and a sweet plant sticker. 

This subscription box is perfect for anyone wanting to go a little deeper with specific plants. 

Each box is also available individually. 

Seasonal Self Care

Our seasonal remedies are tailored to support the systems that need it most during that time of year.

For Spring, we have our Sumac-Lemon Balm Drinking Vinegar for a digestive tonic, and the Lymphatic Massage Oil to support healthy lymph flow. Both of of these help clear stagnation that can happen over Winter, and fortify the immune system. (especially helpful as allergies start to emerge!)

seasonal remedies for spring - lymphatic massage oil and sumac lemon balm drinking vinegar

Ethically wild-crafted and organically grown botanicals are hand-picked at peak season for the freshest in 100% pure, toxin-free self care and wellness products. At least 40% of the herbs are wildcrafted by Kassaundra, using sustainable and ethical practices, the other portion are sourced from local farms with similar values in caring for the environment and doing our part to minimize our impact on the Earth and decrease our carbon footprint. .

Wellness Baskets

The journey of self care, wellness, and herbalism can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out. The wellness bundles are designed to help you get clear on what you're needing in order to target a specific system in your body. They each include a variety of remedies that work synergistically together, while using different approaches for the same concern. From soothing and fortifying a nervous system to assisting in a balanced GI tract, our wellness bundles are the perfect go-to for you and your loved ones. 


A classic herbal remedy that captures the essence of a plant and is adored by herbalist everywhere is the tincture.

Tinctures are an alcohol based extraction that are able to pull a wide range of constituents from the plants and preserve the remedy for years. 

We use only high quality, organic cane alcohol from The Organic Company in Ashland, OR. Our tinctures are unique in that we also utilize glycerin, giving the formula a pleasant taste as well as a more potent effect. 

A little goes a long way. 

herbal tinctures

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